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Sealants & Cleaners

At Scotplas we stock a wide range of Soudal silicones.

White silicone is available in LMN (Low-Modulus Neutral), N (Neutral) & Silirub 2. We also stock Teak, Caramel, Anthracite Grey, Black, Clear & Caulk.

As well as Soudals silicones we stock a range of their products including Solvent Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Glue & Activiator, Gun Grade Foam, Handheld Foam, Wipes, Silicone & Foam Guns, Silicone Spray and more…

We also stock the Soudal Fix ALL range, the Fix ALL range of hybrid polymer sealants and adhesives from Soudal are the perfect answer to all interior and exterior bonding, filling and sealing jobs.