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Fascia & Soffit Boards

Soffits & Fascias

Liniar soffits and fascias are designed and manufactured at the same UK extrusion facility as its range of windows, doors and roofs ā€“ using the same high quality manufacturing processes and materials.

Not only are Liniar soffits and fascias made from the same 100% lead-free uPVC, the foiled woodgrain finishes are factory fitted in-house and therefore match our other products perfectly.

Some colours are only available to order.

Thicker for extra strength

Liniar fascia boards are 20mm thick, instead of the industry standard 16mm, providing greater strength, with longer legs and extra cover on mouldings for easier fitting.

Liniar boards are manufactured using the latest advancements in extrusion equipment and technology to provide a consistent thickness of board with improved flatness.

Time-saving tape

Pre-marked and lined protective tape on the boards makes it easy to find the centre line for the rafter end. The pin guides are set at 100mm centres on each line, and the lines are set at 25mm intervals ā€“ to make installation as simple as possible.

Should boards need to be cut, installers are guaranteed a straight cut with no need to peel back the protective tape. Thereā€™s also no need to pre-mark the boards, obviously further installation time, while also preventing the risk of scratching or damaging boards.

Fire resistant

9mm capping boards, 9mm flat boards and 20mm replacement boards have been classified Class 1Y fire resistant with hollow soffit boards achieving Class 2Y.


Liniar roofline products are manufactured using tried and tested formulations from approved suppliers and will not warp, split or discolour for 10 years from the date of installation.

Fascia & Capping Board Sizes;

The sizes for our 9mm capping board and 20mm fascia board are both the same and are available in all colours shown above (some are not stock items);

150mm/175mm/200mm/225mm/250mm & 300mm (Single Leg)

354mm/454mm (Double Ended)

Soffit Boards

Solid soffit boards come in a range of different sizes, please find the guide below to see what colours are available in which size;